What To Do When You're Not Ready To Date!

Have you chosen to be celibate until you find your next relationship? Do you even feel the need to be in a relationship? Lack of sex is pretty common for some single mothers. Especially mothers who have no desire to be in another relationship for whatever her personal reasons. The only thing she may crave right now is some sexual healing.

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The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation For Single Moms

Through the practice of yoga, you’ll improve your abilities to concentrate and to relax—the two most essential necessities for a meditation practice. Tell me, are you looking for a way to improve your mental and physical health? Maybe you just need something to lower your stress levels, calm and soothe your mind? Well, I have excellent news my friend; yoga and meditation can give you that.

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How Working from Home Makes Single Motherhood Easier

While it is important for us to work to support the dynamics of our family, working a regular office or whatever job just isn't cutting it. And for those moms who have next to no family or co-parent support working from home is definitely a single motherhood game changer.

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Painting Elsa With Minions!

A little Sunday Funday with my minions! Today I promised my daughter Kymora that we could paint her Queen Elsa piggy bank that she got for her birthday back in August. So I'm painting with my minions today. 

On our Life with Minions Vlogs channel we make daily family vlogs of our little and big adventures. 

Videos are posted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 12 pm

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